Harbor Police Department
Port of New Orleans


  The primary law enforcement activities of the Department shall be the responsibility of the Patrol Division. Functions shall be generalized and officers shall perform a wide variety of activities.

Preventive patrol will include inquiry and inspectional activities which shall be oriented towards:

  1. Prevention of crime through proactive patrol.
  2. Discovery of hazards
  3. Coordinating with Port businesses and tenants to ensure good public relations and crime prevention.
  4. Fire inspections and patrol.
  5. Response to calls for service.
  6. Investigation and reporting of all crimes.

Patrol Division officers are responsible for investigating all crimes reported to the Department which occurred within the Departmentís service area. This also includes:

  1. Administering aid to the injured.
  2. Arresting of offenders.
  3. Fully recording and reporting the incident.
  4. Giving testimony in court cases.
  5. Traffic accident investigation, direction, control and enforcement.
  6. Regulation of certain businesses or activities as required by law or ordinances of the Port of New Orleans.
  7. Maintenance of public order.
  8. Assisting in providing emergency services.
  9. Reporting the arrivals and departure of marine vessels within the Port.
  10. Development of good public relations between citizens and the Department.
  11. Reporting information to other divisions of the Department.
    Port of New Orleans Harbor Police  Dept.   Operations Manual, G.O. 41.1.1