Harbor Police Department
Port of New Orleans



Harbor Police Officer 1-A

Starting Salary:

 $ 2,460.00 monthly, while attending POST Academy, (13 weeks).


After successful completion of POST Academy, Police Officer 1-A will receive in addition to his/her monthly salary:

Premium Pay:  $2.00 for every hour worked

Monthly uniform allowance:  $115.00

Eligible for 4% Merit Increase following 6 months of continuous employment

* State Supplemental Pay: $500.00 (after one year of law enforcement full time employment)

Minimum Standards:

Must be 21 years of age. Must possess a valid Louisiana driverís license. Any one who has been convicted of a felony or who is under indictment on a felony charge will be disqualified.

Step #1-

Persons interested in applying for the position of a Harbor Police Officer should follow the directions under Job Seekers/How Do I Apply for A State Job, on the Louisiana Civil Service website at www.civilservice.la.gov. Applicants should apply for the 9500 series test.

Step #2-

Upon completion of the grading of the written test, the State Department of Civil Service will notify the applicant of the test results. If the applicant received a qualifying grade (60% or above) the applicant must then submit a copy of his/her application and a copy of his/her test score to the Port of New Orleans Human Resource Division at 1350 Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans , Louisiana 70130.

Step #3-

Upon receipt of the applicant's application and test score, the Port's Human Resource Department will notify the Harbor Police Department of the applicant's eligibility for consideration.  The Harbor Police Department will then determine if the applicant will be scheduled for and interview.  Once selected for an interview, the applicant will be notified by the Port's Human Resource Department of the date and time of the interview.

Step #4-

The applicant will then be interviewed by the Harbor Police Interview Board. The interviews will be conducted using nondiscriminatory procedures.

Step #5-

Upon successful completion of the oral interview, applicants will be asked to complete an Applicant Personal History Application which will assist in their background investigation.

Step #6-

Upon successfully passing their back ground investigation, the applicant will then be scheduled for a psychological examination.

Step #7-

Upon successfully passing the psychological examination, the applicant will be scheduled for a drug screen and physical examination.

Step #8-

Following the applicant's completion of steps 1 through 7,  the final determination regarding hiring will be made by the Harbor Police Department.